About Bobby Janco

Bobby Janco is a Danish jewelry brand that makes jewelry for men. We are highly dedicated to making classic and stylish jewelry, without making any compromises on the quality.

Our ambition is to recreate the classic jewelry we have seen from our grandparents with a twist of the modern world. Jewelry that fits our daily life. We want to add something to the modern man's look. The watch is no longer the only jewelry for a man to wear.

All our products are designed by Bobby Janco.

The reason we started the company is that we love jewelry ourselves, but there weren't any nice brands. So we decided to do it ourselves.

Bobby Janco is not made for a special type. We want to show to all men that they can wear jewelry.

We have given our jewelry names from people who stand close to us.

We hope you will find your lifetime pieces at Bobby Janco.